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Back in the day, I remember how a newspaper ad was able to really make the company sales phone ring, e-mails were answered in the same way, and if you offered something properly packaged, it was often bought. Sami After this, somewhere in 2005 came some kind of golden age of telephone sales. Bigger sales organizations are recruiting huge numbers of salespeople to drum up their products. That worked, too, then. After 2010, there started to be clear signs that entrepreneurs can no longer be caught, but have started to prioritize  understandable and more than reasonable. Customers were caught with events and social content.

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 I gave an introduction to a large group country email list who were waiting to attack the wines and nibbles after my speech. My speech lasted less than 3 minutes and its content was in a nutshell; “in this field, I’m the only person you need to know.” It kept me busy afterwards for an insanely long time, I was amazed why so many people contacted me after a very light set. The message was as if from one mouth, no one wants to be interrupted while they are doing something, but  the opportunity to have their own contact person. I thought about this for a long time and started to refine the model, which is still in use today.

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 I stay in the viewer’s mind in a positive ALB Directory way. I spend a lot of time using  and also measure what it brings, as well as various Facebook groups, which when used correctly are effective for prospecting. When an entrepreneur curses with cash flow or collection like that, at that moment I want to be the first person who comes to mind. The ice scraper effect: few people even realize what is written on a car’s advertising ice scraper, but when the car is in a ditch, the first thing that comes to mind is the towing company that says it.” We get to know more about our customers Laura is the CEO and co-founder of Bonfire Agency,

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