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Perfectly with mine: that of generating awareness of one’s own aptitudes forming a base of skills and building relationships that allow us to connect all the dots of the plan that will transform an idea into a business I invite you to visit the website of Erika and her training agency and ask for a free consultation immediately… and tell them I’ll send you Luigi has been involved in web training in Modena since 2002. Request a consultation now.

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A link to a web page of the site comments presentation documents etc.); How UTMs are built : There are various tools for building UTMs the business lead one made available by Google Analytics is the Campaign URL Builder The mandatory fields to fill in are: – Website URL: where to enter the URL of the landing page to be tracked. – Campaign Source utm_source identifies the traffic source for example Google newsletters Facebook Ads

Instagram Ads

 Etc. Campaign Medium utm_medium indicates the medium used for the campaign for example cpc email banner video post etc. – Campaign Name utm_campaign serves to specify the ALB Directory name of the campaign for example “Sale” “Black Friday” “Product name launch” etc. There are two other optional UTM parameters that are used to add additional interesting information: – Campaign Term indicates the keyword that led to the

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