Madness of Nazi Ideology Had

 ‘They say I’m crazy, well I am, but I’m getting better.’ It was an affirmation of the image they had of me.”A few days ago, checking the Facebook news panel, a photograph that a friend had “Lik” caught my attention. In the image (which you can see in this note) you can most likely see a stevore (loader) whose wheelbarrow reads the phrase “The books weigh less.” Almost unconsciously I imagin this porter’s school life during his childhood or adolescence. Those years that for many were “the best of my life”, others will call them “the wonderful years”, where in most cases there was no other responsibility other than attending school and fulfilling the obligations that this entails.

Titan of Universal and

 The worries about having a job, paying the bills at the end of the month or providing food for the home, for the vast majority of schoolchildren go almost unnotic, and this gives them the freom that as adults they long for business email list with a certain nostalgia (more or less to a lesser extent). But let’s return to the man in the photo. I imagine him like any average student at school: playful, restless, eager for recess to arrive; favorite course: physical ucation, in it he can play ball, compete physically with his friends and classmates.

German Literature Like Him

 Possibly skill in mathematics but generally sloppy in studies. After finishing school and perhaps after a few years, as happens to many, we have to work to support ourselves or help with the expenses of the house or family; Suddenly ten or fifteen years have pass since he finish school and he sees himself as ALB Directory someone who should have studi “like Juanito or Lupita, who are now lawyers or doctors” or have some type of professional title. Ten or fifteen years have pass and he discover that in fact, “The books weigh less… less than the kilos and kilos that I have to carry from early morning in the Santa Anita market until late in the morning or afternoon.

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