Gaming ever growing popularity and profitability

With a forecast of revenues of 200 thousand dollars by 2023 . After a slight decline in popularity between 2021 and 2022 due more to delays in the release of Gaming ever. Growing popularity and profitability new products or consoles by the big. Names, and a population of 3 billion gamers in the world. The video game market today is among the most stable segments in the world.
Not only the most stable, but also the most inclusive with an audience made up of both real players and spectators who watch the best players play on streaming platforms such as Twitch or Youtube.

Fashion and Gaming a bond destined to last

One of the first cases of using video games as a means to Turkey Mobile Database communicate or create an event was that of Travis Scott and Fortnite , in which, on a given date, players were able to attend a real “live” concert and thanks to codes and NFTs, unlock accessories and clothing to be used both for the characters of the famous video game and to be purchased physically in stores. We are talking about almost 28 million users, not just historical players, but a new audience for Fortnite.

Then there were the cases of Moschino- branded uniforms in eSports and on pitchside advertising billboards.

Fashion themed gaming the Oetker case

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Then there are cases in which fashion does not collaborate with ALB Directory big names in videogaming, but creates its own.
The video game , therefore, seems to be the new location for brands to set up fashion shows or to organize photo shoots, thus increasingly approaching a heterogeneous audience and detaching themselves from the stereotype of physical catwalks.

All over the world, gamers and video game enthusiasts are proving to be attentive consumers of fashion and beauty . This represents a new and future segment of the public.