The main ingredient TOV

Tone of voice is the key ingredient of the new TheFork. The language is incisive but playful, welcoming. Passionate and evocative to “invite everyone to the table” . To live a beautiful experience fueled by food and sharing.
TOV focuses on new expressions to excite, engage and celebrate TheFork’s foodie community .
Furthermore, the system is flexible and provides TheFork employees – the. Forkies – with the application principles to speak to each audience in a distinctive and expressive way.

Born in 2007, TheFork has always had the ambition to redefine the way people connect with restaurants.

Launched first in France and then in other countries, the brand has revolutionized the sector over the years by building the first professional online booking system.

To date, the company has over 60 thousand partner restaurants present in 12 countries and 20 million monthly visitors .



The new brand identity

The pictogram is at the center of the identity and inspires the Taiwan Mobile Database entire system, from the characters to the graphic motifs through to the illustrations created by the digital design studio Tubik .
TheFork symbol enjoys a new personality. Captures the raw energy of the human spirit.

Its curves are complemented by Valizas by Luzi Type, a distinctive, one-of-a-kind sans serif font.
Accompanying it are three graphic shapes constructed from angles, straights and curves of the TheFork symbol. These can be used alone to represent the uniqueness of people, together to show shared experiences.

After a period of rapid growth and commercial expansion with new offers and the opening of new markets, TheFork launches a completely renewed brand identity . Let’s find out in detail.

TheFork rebranding

The visual redesign aims to better define and express the brand’ ALB Directory s personality to create awareness among the three audiences: customers, restaurateurs and employees.
To evolve its look and positioning, the company collaborated with the DesignStudio agency building a visionary brand strategy . The new look is at the center of all internal and external activities, to try to effectively involve both the public and employees.