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Recipients thus it is possible to increase the opening rates and the chances of conversion. In fact the retargeting strategy is bas on segmentation since through the specifications of the groups actions can be taken to impact them again. In order to facilitate this segmentation process you can integrate different platforms using Zapier through MDirector. So you can keep track of each client in relation to your business. And from this you will access more data to make a good segmentation and apply email retargeting successfully. Use the email retargeting pixel An email retargeting pixel is a tag that is insert into an email for the purpose of tracking recipient behavior. It works as a tool that allows you to track user activity after opening the email and bas on that activity show you personaliz ads on other channels.

The retargeting pixel can collect

Valuable information such as how many times the email has been open how much time has been spent reading the content and whether any links or calls to action have been click . From MDirector you can keep track of the contacts that receive communications sent from the platform. Also you can add tags and create new scenarios to send a personaliz communication from each tag. Take care of your database The database is relat to various aspects of the retargeting strategy such as Primary Metal Manufacturers Email List egmentation or content personalization. A wellorganiz and updat database allows you to segment contacts into specific groups bas on different criteria such as interests purchase history among others. In addition by having a database enrich with detail information.

About the contacts it is possible to customize

Job Function Email Database

The content of the emails bas on their tastes nes and behavior. Likewise it favors the automation of email retargeting campaigns by establishing rules and triggers bas on user activity. In the same way from the database it is possible to evaluate the performance of the. Campaigns by recording and storing data on the interaction of the recipients ALB directory such as opening rates clicks and conversions. Nurture your leads This action involves providing them. With relevant and valuable content throughout their buying cycle in order to maintain their interest and foster a strong relationship with the brand. The first thing is to carry out the followup to later give them what may be relevant to them and that contributes to their journey towards conversion. For example users who have visit.

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