You can continue to use ChatGPT

After the appearance of ChatGPT , the most popular and used generative. AI tool which undoubtedly had the merit of bringing Artificial Intelligence into common use. Perhaps helping us to better understand how it works, our lives seemed to have changed a little. Due to the implications on the professional sphere that the use of this technology posed.

Even on the personal sphere, however, the impact was not indifferent. The Privacy Guarantor reminded us of this  who, based on non-adherence to the rules contained in the GDPR . Forced the OpenAI application to stop processing the data of the Italian population.

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Beyond the curiosity of the majority of users, who approached the system for fun or for strictly personal use, many companies have enthusiastically discovered the possibilities of integration into business processes, immediately adopting the new technology to facilitate or speed up some operations.

Let’s clarify is ChatGPT really blocked

For us it is important to first make a broader List Of Real Mobile Database premise: the right to privacy is fundamental , and there is no discussion about this.

The Guarantor’s position, regardless of the effect it has had, starts from a conceptually correct intention: to clarify and regulate where possible the correct processing of the data of a foreign organisation, OpenAI, with respect to Italian citizens .

At the same time we believe it is important to promote access to technologies as they have a direct impact on the competition of our country system.

Having made these necessary premises and returning to the specific case of ChatGPT, it is essential to distinguish the service aimed at users, which OpenAI has chosen not to make accessible to Italian users following the Guarantor’s request to temporarily suspend data processing, from the language models of OpenAI which are currently accessible by companies, including Italian ones, who want to use them to develop their own solutions based on generative AI, as we do at .

Which ones continue to work

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The interfaces dedicated to “developers” continue ALB Directory to work.

This is an OpenAI service called playground that allows companies and startups that want to develop innovative services using the models behind ChatGPT to be able to access them both from the interface and through API.

OpenAI has developed these services thinking about the needs of companies, also giving the possibility of exploiting the technological infrastructure of Microsoft Azure which provides cloud environments in Europe and therefore completely compliant with the GDPR.

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