Do you really know why Retail Media is the third wave of Digital Advertising

E-commerce in Brazil and in the world is still evolving and growing, even after some stagnation in the post-pandemic period. In Brazil, according to a survey by ABComm, by the end of this year the segment should move around BRL 186 billion (growth of 9.5% compared to 2022). In the United States, according to eMarketer, e-commerce sales will grow 10% this year, reaching around $1,148 trillion and approximately $5,262.14 in sales per customer. And in this scenario, there is a huge potential in the segment, including more specialized retailers, marketplaces, large chains, etc. This is because, according to eMarketer’s Feb/22 survey of smartphone users in LATAM, online retail is the main source of product discovery (43%).

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That is, we are not only talking about seeing retail as a conversion channel, but also working on brand, intention and even awareness. O poder do Closed-loop Marketing Combining the potential of 1st party data that e-commerce and retail make possible with the ability to impact users at Chinese American Cell Phone Number Database different times of the journey, the power of the closed-loop is the key issue when talking about Retail Media. This is because the decision-making process becomes more complex — according to the model suggested by Google, the “messy middle” or “confused journey”, the middle of the road is made up of several triggers in which consumers are conquered and lost, and it is in this middle that people go after product and brand information, weigh options.


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explore and evaluate, repeating the cycle until they actually make a purchase decision.And retail manages to occupy all these spaces, including and especially in the ability to measure these touchpoints and related data — that is, “closing the loop” between marketing and actual revenue. ALB Directory Adding yet another factor that privileges and reinforces the transforming power that Retail Media can bring is the potential for higher margins, in a segment where this is usually one of the great challenges. According to a survey by BCG (2022) , the Retail Media margin exceeds other retail-related margins.

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