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In other words, purchasing on eCommerce – as well as on delivery platforms – has started to be perceived as more reliable.

In short, the COVID-19 pandemic has therefore cleared online sales. Also in the food sector, and consumers have been pushed to experiment with purchasing. Behaviors that were previously marginal,

with a positive outcome.

Consumers and companies have found themselves faced with an inevitable. Digitalisation where previously purchasing behavior tended to be preferred in physical locations .

It follows that, to this type of behavior, it is necessary to work on the contents. Transmitting the in-store experience also online, from an omnichannel perspective. All this to ensure that by purchasing online, you don’t lose anything compared to the physical experience.

Who is the person who buys online

Is this a transversal target or does it have Jiangsu Mobile Database very specific characteristics?

The user who buys online is simultaneously transversal and has very specific characteristics. Those who purchase food products on an eCommerce are becoming. Increasingly transversal, varying in age, gender, interests, etc.

Instead, thinking with a Venchi focus, the target becomes very precise, as ours is primarily a segmenting brand in terms of price. The Venchi online consumer is predominantly female, with the main age range being 25-54 years (80%).

From a macro perspective, we have two main and very distinct purchasing behaviors: the purchase of chocolate for self-consumption and that for gifts.

What are the main challenges for a food eCommerce platform

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The main challenge is to be able to describe a product like ALB Directory chocolate without it being able to be experienced with taste, smell and touch.

From a logistical point of view, a further challenge is to be able to deliver the chocolate as fresh and intact as possible, in the shortest possible time.

This leads to the need to translate everything that makes us premium also into eCommerce shipments: at home, the opening of a Venchi order must reflect the in-store experience.

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