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 4. Avoid making assumptions it is clear in recruiting a variety of people that the world is changing, and video humanizes people, not just resumes. Using your regular resume will not make you any different. There is only one person left on the paper. Velents believes people are more than just a piece of paper, but to get your message across properly, you have to be specific how many jobs did you get because your resume was bad? Great people do not stand out on paper.

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 1. Key points: you need to provide recruiters with the same information new data as your normal resume, telling them about your (experience, education and interests) 2. Short and specific: your video resume should not exceed 60-90 seconds. You should emphasize communication skills, which are the most important skills in business today, and that is the proof you have 3. Environment matters: this is why zoom introduces virtual backgrounds.

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 It makes sense to record video in a clean background, and velents uses a variety of virtual backgrounds to allow you to record your tone in a convenient way. In addition, our tools provide ALB Directory you with a way to edit video as brightness or contrast. We support you 4. Be yourself, be convenient: express and speak in your own way, and do not pretend that emotions or personalities show off your true self. If you feel you need more tools to help, don’t forget to use velents handy tools to make up or wear glasses during recording

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