What services are affected by the block

Following the Guarantor’s investigation, the more “consumer” interface of ChatGPT was disabled. Which could be reached at chat.openai.com , both in the free and paid versions.

The investigation aims to protect Italian citizens, in particular by ensuring that their data is processed. In a GDPR compliant manner and managed in data centers within the European Union.

Having an interface in which to potentially write anything, with ChatGPT every Italian citizen can report their personal data. These are then managed through OpenAI data centers presumably. Located in the United States, and consequently used to improve the performance of the model outside the European Union.

Is using a VPN really the only solution for the average user right now

Any user can access ChatGPT by simulating the connection List Of US Mobile Database from a country other than Italy . To do this you can use a VPN. For example, through the. Opera browser it is possible to activate a VPN for free and access both ChatGPT and Bard.

A second solution could be to connect to the playground, the platform dedicated to developers.

In this case there is an extremely accessible cost of use (around €0.001 per message) . However, since it is an interface designed for developers, it is less user friendly than the version of ChatGPT available at chat.openai.com .

Who have started using this tool in business processes adopt

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In these months in which ChatGPT has risen to prominence ALB Directory there have been two main ways in which the tool has been inserted into corporate contexts.

On the one hand, many professionals have used it to support their operations to do their work better, asking these generative AI tools to write emails, briefs, process thoughts, build presentations, etc.

On the other hand, those who have had the opportunity to exploit this model as a developer and have found interesting application areas for the use of chatGPT as a language model to be integrated into B2BC solutions have also been able to fully integrate it into a business process by calling its APIs – therefore in a more invasive way.

In both cases it is possible to continue to obtain the benefits of generative AI , without having to question individuals’ fundamental right to privacy.

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