What is Yandex and what is it used for?

Have you ever heard of yandex or seo for yandex ? I’ll tell you some gossip about myself. I speak and write russian, I learned it 5 or 6 years ago for work reasons and because I really like learning languages ​​and being able to communicate with people when I travel. But… Why is this guy telling me this? Well, because  has a lot to do with the russian language (well, and that’s also how I get the idea that you know that I speak russian let’s take a look at this tool . Ready? Rock&roll article index [ hide ] what is yandex? Some facts about  seo tools why is it important to keep this tool in mind? What is yandex?

What is Yandex?

Yandex is the most used search engine in russia and in many countries belonging to the former soviet union and one of the most visited websites executive data in this country, with an average of 65 million daily visits. This search engine belongs to a russian multinational technology company specialized in internet services with the same name, which apart from this search engine, also has many technological services and products. By now I know what you’re thinking… And you’re right… Yandex is the russian google (that’s the best way to define it). I leave you the link here, in case you want to gossip a little: yandex. what is russian  some facts about  let’s get to know this russian giant a little better. Worldwide,  is the fifth most used search engine in the world .

Some facts about Yandex

In order, we have google, baidu (china), bing (microsoft), yahoo! And in position number 5… yandex. Its name literally means “ yet another indexer .” the ALB Directory truth is that the name is cool, right? It has a market share of approximately 65% ​​in russia. That is, 7 out of 10 russians prefer to use  over google. It was founded in 1997 by arkady volozh (who is the current ceo) and ilya segalovich and is also one of the largest internet companies in europe , with 17 offices around the world. One of the reasons why it triumphed in russia over google is that they focused on developing the algorithm that understood the cyrillic alphabet and the morphological complexities of the russian language. 

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