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 Laura’s tips for starting social selling: Make sure that your electronic business card, i.e. your LinkedIn profile , is polished to the last detail, so that it creates an authentic and competent image of you and your skills. Be open to creating relationships – also on professional social media. Send interesting people LinkedIn contact invitations and always tell why you want to network with this person. Start by following people who are good conversation starters and join the conversation. Publish posts yourself and be persistent! Don’t give up if your first posts don’t get dozens of comments. Study, be systematic and write about topics . The reward will surely follow! Sam’s tips for starting social selling:

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This always cliché-sounding phrase, add europe email list value. It’s still true, if you and your social media presence are useful to people, you will automatically get the time you spent back as a trade, for sure. Be yourself. There are different courses and one more special consultant teaching the subject. It’s good to know certain ground rules, but otherwise, the more you are yourself, the more authentic it is, and authentic always works. And the last tip, but the one that works best for me. Keep the publication threshold low and put good ideas up. Often, when  for content, I write or make a video about it as soon as the idea is on.

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There are many reasons for its profitability. Sales have changed ALB Directory over the years and so have the customer’s buying habits. On the other hand, with the help of social selling, it is possible for sellers to know more about customers, which can help find a common factor and increase the probability of a sale. It is also scientifically proven to work. Sales have changed Sami is Partner and Head of Social Selling at KTI . He considers himself a middle-aged salesman who can always get excited about new ways of doing business. Sami participates both in daily sales work and also in marketing and content production.

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