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The goal of Laura and the entire fiery Bonfire team is to bring new voices and faces to the Finnish business conversation, so that we can all develop our own business and make better business decisions. In addition to Bonfire, Laura has over the years coached hundreds of experts and sellers in the effective use of Social Selling and has also become known as the author of the popular Social Selling information book. Laura Pääkkönen Laura: “Social Selling, as the name suggests, is ultimately , it offers us almost unlimited opportunities to deepen our customer understanding. With the help of social media channels, we get to know more about our customers.

About sales. In addition to sales

we get to know them better as people asia email list than as decision-makers, and we get to know their deepest interests. We get more skin than ever without him telling us these things when we encounter them. When we find even one common factor that unites us, it is psychologically so important that it predicts a greater probability of a trade than if that “similarity” had not been found. In addition to increasing customer understanding, a modern salesperson and expert is ready to make , both his customers, his followers and even his competitors. In this way, it is possible to strengthen one’s own thought.

What he has learned available to others

 Bright Local, 86% read reviews ALB Directory online. Online reviews are also trusted, especially among the younger population. Found online reviews as reliable as personal recommendations. Being found online and the fact that you have positive reviews or have, for example, helped a customer online, can have a positive influence on the purchase decision. LinkedIn is certainly one of the most well-known social selling platforms. According to research conducted by LinkedIn, for example, top performing salespeople (51% more deals than their peers) consider social media platforms to be very important to their success. The seller gives a thumbs up thanks to a successful transaction. Start social selling.

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