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Email marketing is the least expensive, followed by mail and telemarketing. What works for you will depend on the cost of your programs, the conversion rate and the value of your contract. A cost per lead of $150 is great if you convert 25% of your leads and your average contract value is $10,000, but not if your contract value is $500. Emailing When it comes to consistently delivering your message to people who have opted in, nothing beats emailing. Sending marketing emails is really cheap.


You can send different emails to different groups of people


if you have segmented your database, or even Djibouti Email List different emails to each person if you use advanced emailing software. We won’t dwell on how Peru Phone Number List to write the perfect email here, but you need to keep your database up to date. Delete emails that come back in error and people who unsubscribe, otherwise you will be seen as a spammer and all your emails will end up in spam filters. Consider using an email verification tool to clean your database before sending. Mail (direct marketing mailing) The cost of sending a letter by post varies according to its size, weight and content. Creating a good direct mail requires the same considerations as a good email campaign when it comes to headlines, content, and calls-to-action.


As with many marketing activities, don’t expect a single mailing to be profitable, you will need a campaign spanning several months. Telemarketing An outsourced telemarketer costs an average of $30 per hour. Many companies have found that direct mail followed by a phone call works better and for this they hire telemarketing companies.


You should aim to communicate with the people in your database at least once


or twice a quarter, but this varies greatly by industry. If you communicate more frequently than once a month via email, you risk seeing people over-unsubscribe. Database segmentation As Repricing It is a tool for automatically adjusting the prices of the products that appear in your catalog. Indeed, it is an effective means of control that allows you to keep the cost of your items at a reasonable level. In other words, you will remain one

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of the best sellers in the market, because for customers, your rates will be the most affordable. By applying the rules of repricing, your turnover will increase, because sales ALB Directory will be numerous. In reality, thanks to the principle of cost monitoring and agility, you always have a look at the competitors. You know the sale price of their products,

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