what is it and how to take your business to other countries

Internationalization is the process by which a company sells its products in countries other than its nationality. Today, borders are increasingly blurred, Therefore, especially after the Covid-19 pandemic. Which not only accelerated the digitalization of multiple businesses . However, but also expanded the possibilities of selling in other countries that were more difficult to reach. physically. The FIRE Festival 2023 , Therefore, the largest Digital Marketing, Entrepreneurship and Innovation event in Latin America. However, was a space in which several specialists shared their experiences regarding the internationalization of their companies.

What is internationalization

Therefore, As we said at the beginning of this post, basically. However,  internationalization is a strategy that companies develop to sell their products Malta Whatsapp Number List in countries other than the one of their origin. Internationalization can be carried out in several ways. For example, exporting products or. Services or creating franchises of a brand in several countries. However, Internationalization can be very beneficial for business. Therefore, Next, we are going to show you some of its main advantages.

What are the main challenges for the internationalization

In conclusion, Now that you know what internationalization is and what its main advantages are for companies. Therefore, it is time to explain the challenges that may arise in the process.  However, And for that, we are going to tell you the experiences of Jokin ALB Directory Urraza, Brenvita and Vladimir Briceno.specialists on the subject who were on stage at Hotmart’s FIRE Festival 2023. Therefore, Location The 3 specialists agree that product localization is essential for the success of the. Internationalization of a business. This implies knowing. Well the culture and language of each country where you want to sell and having local specialists in the niche in question.

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