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For starters, if your small business offers a real-world solution to problems that your customers may be having and you’re more likely to be found by search engine queries, you should especially consider Google Ads as an online advertising tool. line for your SME. This tool is very useful if there is a high volume of Google searches related to your industry, as it will increase your chances of getting traffic to your website.


On the other hand, if your target audience spends most


of their time on social networks like Facebook Malaysia Email List or Instagram, you should design advertising campaigns carried out on Colombia Phone Number List Facebook Ads. For this, you Explanatory video about your product If you haven’t made a video yet this year, start with an explainer video about your product. Think about the last time you were on a company’s website and thought, “Is this company legit? What are they really doing? It’s the last impression you want to leave on a site visitor or potential customer, which is why a product explainer video is the first video you should make. It legitimizes your business. Remember that the content of your video is much more important than its advertising or


professional aspect. You don’t have to break the bank to create a highly effective product explainer video. In fact, before investing in a big production, try making a home video and see how it works for your business. You can always update your video later or even test other versions to see which one resonates the most with your audience. If you already have some video footage,


you can also merge videos online


To find out how to join videos online, you can take a look at the site it is a free video editing software that allows you to will make it possible to carry out your assemblies without having recourse to a professional assembler. 2. Customer Testimonial Video Some companies tend to shy away from collecting testimonials, but who can really blame them? The task can seem daunting and

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daunting, and the return on investment is hard to predict at first. But the great thing about testimonial videos is that you  ALB Directory  only need one or two effective videos in your catalog to see the difference they can make. No need to make tons of them. Start by interviewing some of your long-time  customers who have seen tangible results from your product, and share those videos on a prominent page on your site. Again, building trust can be a tricky part, but with an effective testimonial video, you can go beyond that. 3. Video representative of company history If your small business has a particularly interesting or even atypical background.


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