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Possibility of just liking something. For the general image category: Dollar Shave Club Single image ads for Facebook e-commerce ads are more or less the oldest trick in the book. They are always there, and sometimes they transform when used correctly. Use them if you’re not sure how to start advertising your ecommerce store on Facebook. Now, here’s one of the best examples of an e-commerce image-only (aka single-image) ad I’ve seen on Facebook: Facebook E-commerce Ad (Source) From 2016, this is an oldie, but a great one Gold, like the viral landing page video posted by Dollar Shave Club in 2012. Dollar Shave Club sells razors, a product marketed primarily to “men.

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The wonderful thing about this ad is its simplicity. Additionally, the lack of gender-specific colors is a direct jab at Gillette, whose Venus pink razor is positioned as a women-only product. Copy and images combine to create a very powerful message. Being so inclusive Greece Phone Number Data only gives the brand an advantage while also getting a piece of the audience’s pie that may not seem important at first glance. Studying your data is crucial for this type of advertising and creating up-to-date buyer personas. For the Facebook Messenger category: Sephora Facebook Messenger ads are fairly new and very effective at converting.

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Ads, ads in your inbox as sponsored messages, and finally ads on your Facebook homepage that link to Facebook Messenger chats. The one I encounter the most and feels less intrusive is Click-to-Messenger. This type of advertising can be found on your Facebook page. Its CTA isn’t “See More” or “Buy Now” like ALB Directory most. For Click-to-Messenger ads, in most cases the CTA you’ll see is “Send us a message.” Now, let’s talk about my favorite case: Sephora. Facebook E-Commerce Ads (Source) It’s no lie that the beauty part of e-commerce is always one step ahead. Sephora was one of the first companies to use Click-to-Messenger advertising.

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