The role of the font in visual communication

Splattered on various social networks as a trend topic these days. we find the new Esselunga La Pesca commercial. A simple story that however split the public’s reactions in two.

If on the one hand there are those who appreciated the good feelings and interpreted. The film as a contemporary and melancholic glimpse of a current. Italian family facing separation On the other hand, there are those who contest the commercial Pointing it out as representation of a stereotype that recalls the necessary need for a traditional. United family unit.Visual communication is a strong presence in our everyday life A character can change the perception of a message and of the communication itself. The font must be chosen by evaluating a series of criteria. Not just the aesthetic one, as one might think: it must facilitate. Reading and coincide with the idea you intend to convey.

Graphic designer Sarah Hyndman , director of the Type Tasting studio. Carried out a survey to identify which typefaces could reflect the values of the. United States Declaration of Independence. The list of adjectives was presented to interviewees with different fonts. Asking which one best matched the term indicated: 62% chose a traditional. Font for the term “democracy”; 45% indicated a font with sinuous. Lines for the word “freedom” and a modern font with large. Letters that refer to a sense of authority for the term “equality”.

The fonts that made history

The elegant and legible font comes to life in a series Singapore Mobile Database of movable. Typefaces designed in Paris in 1530 by the typographer. Claude Garamond commissioned by Francis I of France. It has been the subject of revisions, such as that made by Giulio Einaudi, in 1958. WIth the name Simoncini Garamond, with which many books are still. Written today, and that made by Apple with the creation of the Apple Garamond font , a variant of Tony’s ICT Garamond Stan from 1977.

Garamond font


Designed by Giambattista Bodoni , director of the Tipografia Reale di Parma, it is a contrasting font, between thin serifs and thick vertical rods. Even today it is among the most used in publishing, chosen by Vogue , Lancia and Valentino.

14 trending fonts today

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If some fonts, such as those mentioned above, are considered ALB Directory evergreen, others instead vary according to current trends:Irregardless by Ohno Type A fresh-looking, well-readable, original font, edited by James Edmondson , and released in May 2021 by Ohno Type (often involved in providing free content and free courses for students). “Some projects don’t have a well-defined path”  explains the curator “Irregardless exists on the other end of the spectrum. I have no idea where it came from, and for much of the time I spent working on it, I had no idea where I was going. It was an exercise in fighting my impulses and designing habits to create something that was new and uncomfortable.”

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