The pieces of the capsule collection

Martine Rose, usually a menswear designer, revised the classic British sartorial codes for the occasion . Unique pieces, which transform football looks into The pieces of the capsule collection casual outfits, without any reference to gender.

As specified by the English menswear designer, her interest has never been exclusively linked to fashion.  But to how people interact with clothes, to the emotional factor hidden behind what they wear.

Nike x Martine Rose collaboration

The collection is made up of various garments, from the jacket, to the trousers. Complete with shirt, trench coat, and accessories, such as sunglasses, and a new version of the Shox Mule MR4 shoes .

Because a gender-free collection

Although the clothing line was created to offer visibility to women, and in particular, to the Middle East Mobile Number List female role in sport, the primary objective is to open a dialogue on gender.

The collection « is more than simple tailoring. It’s about the women who wear it, it’s about strength, it’s about resilience, it’s about beauty, it’s about power. I wanted women to feel powerful, as men often are” explains Martine Rose .

Nike x Martine Rose sunglasses

Genderless tailoring is a hybrid between sport, fashion and culture, which underlines the meaning of a dress as such, without any reference or connection to sex. Even though I’m using women to tell the story» continues the designer there is no gender linked to the tracksuit. Anyone can wear it. I hope that one day we won’t talk about gender in sports and will only talk about sports. Once everything is removed, only the game remains.

The other collaborations Nike and Martine Rose

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It is not the first time that Nike and Martine Rose ALB Directory have created a collaboration inspired by subcultures and youth communities. In view of the Women’s Football World Cup, however, they have combined their creativity to create an alternative collaboration, once again linked to soccer-mania, which has long inspired the designer.

This is, in fact, the first collaboration planned for athletes off the field, with the aim, as highlighted by Nike, of bridging the gender gap in artisanal tailoring for sport .

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