The most beautiful advertisements

The famous fast food brand The most beautiful advertisements always finds endless ways to put emphasis on  its logo. This time, in a truly creative way he lets us guess where to find his bows.

In fact, the commercial, in which the logo or products do not physically appear, demonstrates the recognisability of the brand in an alternative way. In an office some colleagues communicate with each other their desire to eat not just any sandwich but the McDonald’s one; they do it through two rapid  eyebrow raises , which together simulate the letter M.

The body language, in this case, is truly unmistakable.

META QUEST 2 3D Billboard

The amazing technique of anamorphism  is Europe Cell Phone Number List  conquering more and more brands. The effects of this new form of advertising aimed at OOH  are spectacular and futuristic and, even if it is an optical effect, they immediately capture the viewer’s attention. Nothing could be more appropriate for the advertising of the virtual reality viewer from the  Oculus brand,  present in January in Piccadilly Circus in London.

The best adverts of 2023: February


A really well made and nice film by  Ikea  in The most beautiful advertisements which the brand combines the same concept in a particular and always different way.

For IKEA, in fact, a well-designed and furnished environment transforms a space into a  more welcoming home  in which every  person is happier .

Also in this case where a child manages to enrich the lair of the grumpy and sad guardian of a toll bridge in the woods.

SNAPCHAT  Wait’ll You See This


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Directed by  Andreas Nilsson, the Snapchat  commercial ALB Directory  is delirious, disturbing and surreal. Yes, just like some of her endless filters that made her famous.

And what would happen if we looked at the world with different eyes? Thanks to the  magic of AR filters  everything can take on the shape we most desire.

The hustle and bustle of the city disappears as we are absorbed in thoughts accompanied by our favorite music. Apple  nails the concept  for the presentation of its new  Pods .

In the commercial, the Pixies  cover  “Where is my mind?”  he guides us around a city that is apparently quiet and free of noise but which returns to be heard in all its confusion once the Pods are removed.

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