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 the more Google will understand that you are a relevant site and in which theAllorank test. SEO tool for positioning tracking June 22. 2020AuthorAude Salak 1 allorank-tool-seo-1.png Allorank is a SaaS software launched in 2010 by the SEO agency W3B. After several years of monitoring. Anthony Técher. founder of the semantic analysis tool SEOQuantum. decided to take over and relaunch the Allorank project. In its early days. the tool only made


 it possible to carry out a very brief follow-up of its positions. Today. Allorank is a complete SEO tool for tracking positioning. which also allows you to track the movements of competing sites and receive personalized reports. The tool was born from the observation that position tracking solutions were created by SEO experts and for SEO experts. Allorank is aimed at both beginners and SEO professionals. webmasters. bloggers. agencies.

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complete follow-up of your website thanks to the Canada Phone Number List different functionalities Real-time tracking of your positions As you will have understood. the main function of Allorank is of course position tracking. The tool allows you to follow the evolution of the positioning of your website on your strategic keywords in the search engine results pages. Very easy to use. all you have to do is fill in the keywords you want to target.


 you will also have the possibility of selecting a city for local referencing. You will have access to a dynamic dashboard. with positions updated daily. Find the evolution curve of the positioning of each keyword. the G SERP function for a real-time overview of the Google results page for this keyword. or even the notable events made up of your best and worst position . as well as your average position.


 The little extra is access to the evolution of the

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overall visibility of your website. Tracking  ALB Directory your positions on Allorank Keyword search volume You will have access in your dashboard to the search volume of each target keyword. This will allow you to determine the priority keywords to follow for your website. Add or remove keywords easily. and adapt your positioning tracking strategy. Competitor monitoring Allorank

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