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You can ask about the friendliness the speed of response and the resolution of problems. This will allow you to identify areas for improvement and strengths in your customer service. Feedback on promotions or discounts If youve recently run promotions or offered discounts ask your customers if they took advantage of these offers and what they thought. This will help you assess the effectiveness of your promotional campaigns and adjust them based on feedback received. With MDirector it is possible to configure shipments related to your products services discounts among others. Employee Questions SMS Marketing can also be used as an internal communication channel in companies and organizations. Through this channel you can maintain direct communication with workers and survey them.

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event or any other information that you want to collect from them. event surveys SMS Marketing surveys make it possible to collect information about events both regarding the participation of the attendees after the celebration their perceptions and opinions as well as other aspects. For example you can request confirmation of attendance Food and Kindred Products Manufacturers Email List through this channel. Interests and preferences Ask your customers about their interests and preferences in relation to your industry or niche. This will allow you to customize future offers and communications to meet your needs and wants. Examples of SMS surveys for your marketing campaigns Examples of SMS surveys for your marketing campaigns There are several types of surveys that you can send via SMS to your audience.

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examples that can serve as inspiration Product or service assessment surveys This SMS survey asks the user what is their perception of a product or service that your company provides. There are several ways to put it. When the message is sent it is recommended that it be done one or. Several days after they have enjoyed what you sold or organized so the opinion will be more accurate. In this case the evaluation survey of a product by SMS can be raised in many ways be it on a numerical scale closed ALB directory questions or even open questions. It is always important to know what the purpose of the survey is so you can choose the best method to measure customer perception of what you offer. Free response surveys Beyond the question this format allows the user to express exactly what.

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