PEOPLE LIKE US Autocorrected Pay Gap

The non-profit organization People Like Us supports marketing and communications. Professionals in general, promoting more inclusive workplaces . It is particularly aimed at individuals from ethnic minorities such as Asian, black and mixed.

HEINZ Ketchup Fraud

More than a few North American restaurateurs have been Wuhan Mobile Database caught with their hands in ketchup. Intent on pouring an anonymous sauce into a Heinz bottle. It is not fair!

Of course, this incorrect practice is not new, as the brand itself testifies in a 2000 statement in the. Wall Street Journal in which it revealed that at least 20% of restaurateurs admitted the incorrectness. However, Heinz was able to exploit the incident in his favor, making fun of the crime and underlining how famous his name is as a synonym of quality and trust, because “Even when it’s not Heinz, it must be Heinz”.


Phone Number List

Patagonia turns 50  and is always ALB Directory focused and focused on the future .

Among the most beautiful advertisements of April, Patagonia’s speaks to us of a sustainable, quality, collaboration future, especially now that climate change necessarily requires joint intervention.

So can capitalism evolve into the creation of non-competitive partners? Can society rebuild itself on the values of collaboration and quality connections ? Patagonia believes in it, carrying forward the promise of a company focused on the union between nature, people, products and quality values.