Who is the Meta Description Addressed to

Who is the recipient of this type of tags? First of all, these are people who are looking for specific information on a given topic, based on keywords entered into the search engine.

They will certainly pay attention to the precise description of the content that will be included on the website. The lack of meta description or its incorrect content may discourage a potential user. The same applies to social media.

Remember that the description blog (i.e. the content included in the tag) is a kind of business card of your website, which will have a strong impact on its traffic. Therefore, you should remember that it should be prepared in accordance with certain rules.

What are meta descriptions

How to prepare an appropriate SEO meta description? Preparing the correct content is the basis of description.

SEO obviously plays an important role here and we will certainly Ws Data mention, for example, the implementation of keywords, but remember that these are texts addressed to specific users – therefore they must be legible, understandable and a carrier of important information.

How many characters should a meta description optimally have?
There is a specific limit on the number of characters for meta description. It results from the construction of the Google search engine. In place of descriptions (under the title) only a piece of specific text will fit – the rest simply disappears. So how long should the text be?

Where is the meta description

The blog description can have a maximum of 160 characters including spaces. If you enter a longer description, it will start to disappear in Google’s impression ALB Directory results. It is important not to go to the very end so that the user can freely read the content contained in the tags. It is best to create a description of about 120-140 characters with spaces.

Too extensive text will discourage potential users. A description that ends halfway through does not encourage you to visit the site. Moreover, it will not be perceived well by indexing robots (SEO description must be within the character limits and not exceed them).

On the other hand, a description that is too short means not taking advantage of the tag’s potential, which is a kind of advertisement for your website.