Take Care of Before Removing Your Business Card

Before you decide to delete your Google Maps listing, there are a few things you should take care of. First of All, It is Recommended. To Remove All Possible Information. From the Business Card. Including: Contact Details, Descriptions, Titles and Photos.

Thanks to this, we limit the visibility of the business card on the Internet after its liquidation and minimize the risk of misleading customers, as well as receiving business inquiries after the closure of the business.

It may be a good practice to contact Google representatives directly and inform them about the planned closure of the company. Then we can ask for support from professionals.

Removing a business card from Google

Going through the process according to Google employees’ guidelines and then informing them about it is a good way to completely remove your company listing from the Internet.

You may have a little more difficulty removing your company’s listing from Google Maps Whatsapp Database results if you don’t have access to the management panel.

The whole process is more complicated and it is worth preparing well for it. It will be much easier to do this if you have the ability to verify your company’s ownership (e.g. via a verification code).

Removing a business card from Google Maps with the ability to verify company ownership
Before starting the process of deleting a business card, we must regain access to the company profile. This is possible through a verification code that is sent to the company’s address by post.

Maps With the Ability to Verify Company Ownership

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Google decides to send via e-mail or SMS much less often. If this form does not work and we do not receive the verification code at the company ALB Directory address, in such a situation it is best to prepare documentation confirming that we are listed as the owner of the company and send it to Google in the traditional form. Only after successful verification do we proceed to removing the business card.

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