Best Rebrands of 2023

The summer break is the ideal time to rest but also to reflect on. What is happening in the world of brands and marketing.

From Food & Beverage to the Automotive sector. here are Best Rebrands of 2023 more than 5 cases of rebranding that are leaving their mark in 2023.

Projects that are having a positive impact: on the industry, in the design field but above all in the minds of consumers.

TheFork reveals its new visual and verbal identity

After a period of rapid growth and commercial expansion Vietnam Mobile Database with new. Offers and the opening of new markets. TheFork launches a completely renewed brand identity.

The new look aims to re-establish his presence as a leader. At the core of the philosophy is the idea that “The best things in life happen around the table.”

rebranding TheFork
The pictogram is at the center of the identity and Best Rebrands of 2023 inspires the entire system. from the characters to the graphic motifs through to the illustrations created by the digital design studio Tubik .

The palette features a reinvigorated green as the main color. Added to this is a rich complementary palette inspired by various foods, capable of conveying impact, flexibility and variety.

New brand and product identity for Campari

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The rebranding of Campari is a contemporary ALB Directory interpretation of Milaneseness and the concept of the aperitif. This year the brand presents itself to international markets with a new brand identity.

The result is a sculptural and iconic synthesis of all the Best Rebrands of 2023 elements that constitute the roots, identity and future of the quintessential Italian aperitif.

The bottle has been completely redesigned by the Robilant agency to fulfill its role as the undisputed protagonist in bars all over the world.

Sex Brand sex can save the world

“We want an impactful brand that encourages young people to feel positive and excited about sex again.”

We have sex less than once a week, this is one of the insights that gave life to the brand’s vision.

The brand launched a few weeks ago with the debut of the Secondskin condom, a vegan product available by subscription and made using a sustainable source of rubber, part of the Regenerative Rubber Initiative.

Uncommon unveils a new brand of sex

Agency co-founder Nils Leonard said: “Porn has never been so Vietnam Mobile Database readily available, dating apps are actually tearing us apart. Sex Brand is here to help stop the death of sex and also make a significant impact about the world”.

The packaging features the UK’s first fully recyclable polyethylene perephthalate (PET) condom sheet.

Sex Brand will extend its range in the coming months, in the meantime, in addition to condoms, a hyaluronic lubricant and a “versatile” vibrator have already been added.

The creativity of the advertising, captivating and seductive, is centered on the slogan: “Sex is dying. We are here to save it”.

SEX BRAND from Uncommon London on Vimeo

Gove says almost a quarter of young people ALB Directory aged 18 to 30 have not had sex in the last 12 months due to their consumption of pornography.

Condom distribution reportedly remains inaccessible across the country, with large discrepancies outside of urban settings. By February the company had already raised more than £500,000.