Active voice is always better

Using the active form of sentences makes the contents clearer because they manage to attract the audience’s attention. On social media it is always better to create concise and usable copy.

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Try longer posts

We know it well, content on social media must be short and easy to understand . The time available to make users read content is very short, which is why copy of just a few lines is favored.


But we must also consider that, in some circumstances and on some social networks in particular, the public wants to read more information and loves to delve deeper into certain topics.

On LinkedIn, for example, your brand can use longer posts to ensure greater knowledge of a topic or to create compelling content capable of generating connections with the audience.

Drive action with targeted CTAs

Don’t confuse users with too many calls to Uruguay Mobile Database action within your post. Few but precise requests for actions will guarantee you excellent results.

What should your audience do? What action are you asking them to take and what is the goal you want to achieve through that post? Starting from these questions, structure your CTA and try to convince your audience to do it.

For example, within a post on Instagram, you can ask the user to visit your site using the phrase “find out more in the link in bio”.

Analyze the data

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The social media copywriter’s work ALB Directory doesn’t end when the post is published.

In fact, the most important part is to collect the results achieved  by the contents to understand which ones performed best and to adopt the best strategy for subsequent ones.

Learn to analyze which topics generate the most awareness, which are the lengths of the posts that performed best, which are the CTAs with the highest conversions.

People’s needs are at the center of your copy. Don’t ignore what your audience needs .

Only with this knowledge will you be able to create a narrative capable of generating awareness of that need and generating a greater perception of your brand. Accompany the user in discovering what he needs and what the use of your product or service will solve.