Everything you need to know about the definitive SEO tool

Everything you In fact, one of the most common mistakes that is repeated among. Webmasters and bloggers who begin to try to make money with their websites. Is precisely this, that they do not track or monitor anything . We do not need to be SEOs to know the importance of this action. The results of which will always result in greater growth of the website in the medium and long term. Having controlled the positions that your keywords.Occupy in Google allows you to measure and test different types of SEO and content.Actions and see their impact in real time . In reality It is the most “pure” way to learn what type of SEO actions your website tolerates.

SEOBOX and its technology

top industry data

best and which ones are indifferent top industry data to it or can even harm. It (since different websites and especially different niches respond differently to the same actions). . Under this premise, as important as configuring. Your first theme, getting your first do-follow links or I would even say as everything-you important as inserting the. Analytics code, is having your own rankings. Controlled from the initial moment of life of your project. It doesn’t matter if you have a “Lugo Design”, “Reformas Madrid”, “Android Apps”, a “stock market” blog or a “marketing” style website. You are interested in knowing your ranking because.

People who improve Hispanic SEO

. And why do I emphasize this so much? Well, because it was ALB Directory one of the mistakes I made from the beginning. Underestimating the importance of knowing what positions I occupied in Google rankings, and therefore “going blind” in my initial positioning strategy, where I only manually controlled a few long tails that everything-you I focused on for a while. RankBOX as a “perfect” solution to position tracking RankBOX? SEOBOX? God, how many BOXes together! Hehe, don’t worry, I assure you that throughout the post everything will be clear to you. RankBOX is one of the modules that the SEOBOX tool incorporates.

Equmedia responsible for the campaign to disseminate the 200 euro

Equmedia responsible the Spanish independent media agency Equmedia has recently won the competition carried out by the Ministry of Finance and Public Function to promote the 200 euro aid from the Tax Agency. The campaign will be active during the month of September . Its objective is to provide information on who may be beneficiaries of this aid and how they should proceed to request it.

Has two differentiated audiences

In short, it is a campaign that first, the top industry data general population. With the idea of mass informing of the implementation of this measure. Therefore, on the other, the target population. Likely to benefit from the hotline. aid. Celia Caño. Who is the general director of Equmedia. Therefore, highlights that “in times when the economic situation of Spaniards is increasingly complicated. We are very pleased to collaborate with the Tax Agency in the dissemination of this aid. Therefore, the management of the new communication campaign of the Tax Agency for the dissemination.

The Equmedia team

The professional adds that “we will do ALB Directory our best to inform about this benefit. Therefore, especially for those who can benefit from it. So that they request it and can alleviate. To a certain extent, the loss of purchasing power caused by price inflation. The Equmedia team that leads the management of the campaign is made up of Laura Camazón and María Martínez in the Digital part. Therefore, david Izquierdo and Vanesa Hermida in the Client Services area. he aid of 200 euros for individuals with a low level of income. Therefore, assets, will be carried out in various media, including television.

The Product Industry Email List Advantage

Today I am The Product going to present to you Targeted Email the success story of a girl. A particularly talented girl (in fact – and this is not a joke – I address her when we talk on Telegram as “talented girl”). This is Isabel Ruz, whom we have nicknamed within the team as “ IsaRank ”. She has been a student in the first edition of the DinoRANK SEO master’s degree , which we launched this year at the end of January – February (and which we will launch again at the end of summer, more info here ) and one of our students who is a success story. He has a brutal ability and ease to position local businesses on Google.


The Product Ready for an exciting Targeted Email journey into the world

She does it both for businesses top industry data that already exist and for businesses that she “creates” herself through websites that she positions and then rents (“Rank and Rent”). Today he is going to teach you more about how he does it. Long live quality SEO. Hello everyone! Ready for an exciting journey into the world of SEO? I’m IsaRank, a Rank and Rent and local SEO geek from Córdoba , and I have a story to share that will leave you wanting more. Picture this: a traveling designer who quit her job to be a stay-at-home mom.


Venturing into creating my own consulting website

A new chapter in her life began, but soon ALB Directory the concern for action and the desire to undertake without sacrificing time with her family arose. This is how I immersed myself in the fascinating universe of websites and SEO. Venturing into creating my own consulting website, I faced challenges and obstacles, but my passion and determination did not diminish. Although I tried other websites, it took me forever to get into good Google positions! Was SEO making fun of me? But, I’m not one of those who gives up easily. So, although the idea of ​​living off Rank and Rent faded, I continued the fight.

ADC and La Fede sign a collaboration agreement to jointly face the challenges

The Association of Communication Consultants (ADC) and the Association of Communication Companies (La FEDE) have signed a collaboration agreement to reinforce the recognition that society has of communication and advertising and enhance the value of both associations in pro of its professionals. The main objective of the agreement signed by the president of ADC. Ludi García, and the president of La FEDE. José Carlos Gutiérrez. To jointly address the challenges facing the communication sector. Exchange relevant knowledge. Experiences that result in benefit of both organizations and the objectives they pursue.

The agreement between Adc and La Fede

“With this top industry data agreement, we materialize an important rapprochement between two associations that share an interest in defending professionalism. Ethics and quality in the communication. Therefore, public relations sector. Says Ludi García. For his part, José Carlos Gutiérrez considers that: «As Ludi says, this agreement not only brings the two associations closer. Therefore, but also represents the union between the advertising sector and the communication. Therefore, public relations sector. Highlighting the joint contribution to development. Economic and social.

Observatory and Study of public tenders 2022

One of the ALB Directory first joint works between ADC. Therefore, the agreement contemplates the holding of joint La FEDE will be the. Whose conclusions will be presented at the beginning of next year. Which will have a special section on Public Relations. In addition. Other events will be promoted such as the Communication. Therefore, advertising and marketing Entrepreneurship Awards or the participation of professionals from both associations in the other’s activities.

How do I use Wallapop to test the sales potential of products

How do I use Wallapop to test the sales potential In recent months I have written several articles about Wallapop. After having  uploaded about 700 products publishing new ones daily from Monday  to Friday, I have been able to invoice about 625 euros through this channel.  Without doubt, one of the keys is to give visibility to your profile by continuously uploading new products. How do I use Wallapop to test the sales potential

Right now I'm taking it a step further How do I use

How do I use Wallapop to test the sales potential.  I am using Wallapop to identify the real interest of people top industry data nationwide for specific offers. The indicators are as follows. Product page views. “Like” the product. Messages received asking for more information. And of course, sales. It is one thing to observe trends and another to have real data. There are other factors that influence: The quality of the images. The price. The title of the product. 

Wallapop does not give me a definitive potential of products

I will probably explain this in more ALB Directory detail in another post. Wallapop does not give me a definitive answer but it already reduces the risk when making investment decision on a more  product. If you get the product right you even generate sales, so I can’t ask for more. It’s not always right, that’s clear. The zzv  important thing .