From Prime Video to Patagonia

Moment of great excitement for the biggest brands preparing for the exceptional Cannes event. While waiting to see great creations, let’s enjoy in the meantime the most beautiful advertisements of April. A quiet period in terms of creativity in which, however, there is no shortage of some important works.

In its campaign, People Like Us shows how these professionals feel a certain form of exclusion at work. Starting with the distortion of their name. In fact, the billboards show. The self-correction of foreign names , replaced incorrectly.

Attention is focused above all on the pay of these minorities. Which is often unequal and is affected by inequality in both the professional and gender fields. In fact, in research conducted by the organization in 2022, it was found that workers of black. Asian and ethnic minority origin are paid 16 % less than their colleagues.



Le Pub presents The Laundry Screen, a particular Tongliao Mobile Database project created for Prime Video in the Spanish Quarter , the heart of Naples. The story of a passionate community, the story of a warm, superstitious, lively, cheerful and picturesque people awaiting the screening of the definitive match that won their football team its third championship.

We move through the alleys of the neighborhood, we experience a tender emotion in seeing not mega LED screens but simple sheets spread between one balcony and another and we smile from the heart, just like in a film from times gone by .

HEINEKEN SILVER All The Taste No Bitter Endings

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Among the most beautiful advertisements of April, Heineken’s latest ALB Directory creation could certainly not be missing, which delights us with its creativity built on irony. Once upon a time it was customary to ask the beloved’s father for her hand in marriage. To the Vikings thirsty for revenge or who knows, for a good drink, the special Heinken Silver with few carbohydrates is given as a gift , for a finish that must not be bitter. Never!