The Barbie movie has arrived

The film about the iconic doll will arrive in Italian cinemas from 20 July. Distributed by Warner Bros Pictures. The film, directed by director The Barbie movie has arrived. Greta Gerwig ( “Little Women” and “Lady Bird”). Will star actors Margot Robbie (in the role of Barbie) and Ryan Glosling (in the role of Ken).

A film that depicts a world where everything is perfect.
Important collaborations regarding the soundtrack. After Dance the night by Dua Lipa , released in May, the presence of a single by Billie Eilish was also announced . « We made this song for Barbie and it means the world to me. This film will change your lives and I hope the song does the same” wrote the singer.

Pink is the password


“The world has run out of pink” is the maxim used by Sarah Thailand Mobile Database Greenwood . The film’s production designer, to support the launch of the film, and jokingly anticipate. That our eyes will see a lot of pink. « I wanted the pinks to be very bright, and for everything to be ‘almost too much’… I didn’t want to forget. What made me love Barbie when I was a child» adds the director. « Pink represents the possibility of maintaining childhood».

Barbie’s Dreamhouse in the movie


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To best represent the Dreamhouse, Barbie’s famous house. Which ALB Directory every little girl dreams of, the set designer and decorator, Kate Spencer , admitted to having ordered it on Amazon.

«The staircase was quite strange» underlines the interior designer, « the ceiling is actually quite close to your head, and it only takes a few steps to cross the room. It has the strange effect of making the actors seem large in space but small overall” adds the director.