Strong brand must have full and distinctive

These elements together with the brand’s core value proposition constitute a full brand identity system . A brand that can be called a  brand identification elements. After scientifically and completely planning the brand identification system, the core value of the brand can be effectively implemented and effectively connected with daily marketing communication activities, making the company’s marketing Communication activities have standards and directions. Brand positioning is the soul, and brand recognition is the body that supports the soul. Just like the process from knowing a person to identifying with a person, from brand naming,

Brand vision, brand concept, and brand image

it is a process of brand recognition. The name is the Iran Phone Number List a peg that hangs the brand in the mind of the potential customer on the product ladder—Ries and Trout; however, the name appears to be more enduring than most other elements of marketing, since such things as packaging, price, or the theme of the ad are more important than others. Names are easier to change. ——David Eck Positioning is a language concept, a nail, and the tool for nailing the nail into consumers’ minds is the visual hammer——Rees. In addition to the above, an excellent brand will also build its own brand identity elements through brand culture.

A self-introduction. It should be far-sighted

inspiring and inspiring employees, customers nd partners. . Corporate mission The corporate mission is more specific than the brand vision. It tells people the meaning of the company’s existence. The focus is on what you can do, the products and services you provide. . Brand personality Brand personality is a word that reflects brand positioning or brand philosophy. For example, some automobile companies will shape their brands as “safe”, while others will be “luxury”. . Brand Identity You need to define

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the brand’s tone of voice, color scheme and design features for marketing and other brand communication activities. 4. How to formulate a brand  ALB Directory vision? To conceive a brand vision, you need to figure out what your business stands for, and what it doesn’t stand for. The first step is to think about why you are in this business, and how does it work? For example: Mr. Mo’s company aims to revolutionize the art world by selling art made from discarded plastic bottles.

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