Step by step for those who want to start

Among the formats that users can choose according to their needs and preferences, the podcast is increasingly attracting public interest. People most interested in this format usually spend a lot of time in traffic or use headphones frequently. But postcasts are also preferred by people who need quick information and have little time to consume it. This happens because. It is a simple way to inform yourself or learn about a topic without. Having to stop doing another activity, such as driving or cooking, for example. If you already have an online business or if you are going to venture into one, remember that podcasts currently arouse passions.

Start with what you have, but invest in equipment

To start your podcast idea you don’t need professional recording equipment or a special room. While it is true that certain tools are necessary. You can start with what you have and as your audience grows you can invest in Chile Whatsapp Number List  more specialized equipment. Simply with a PC. Smartphone -style headphones with a microphone. And free recording software, you can start the podcast you dream of without complications. During the FIRE Festival 2023 , the largest event on innovation, entrepreneurship and digital marketing in Latin America, a panel dedicated to the topic was held, made up of specialists. In this context, Márcio Brant, CEO and founder of WePod, gave the example of the Brazilian podcast.  Acenda Sua Luz (Turn on your light), which is done by a cell phone. Only in audio, and are “8-minute pills, 10-minute , and that we built 10 million plays on Spotify, 600 thousand people as a community.”

Choose a topic for your podcast

The first step should be choosing the topic you will address in the podcast. Even if you have knowledge of several topics and want to share everything you know. It is interesting to focus on ALB Directory a specific one to break it down and deliver. Content that really adds value to the public. Packing too many topics into a single podcast can make it confusing and exhausting for listeners. In this case. It is better to create more than one file and separate them by categories.

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