Spot Esselunga divergent points of view

Splattered on various social networks as a trend topic these days, we find the new Esselunga La Pesca commercial. A simple story that however split the public’s reactions in two.

If on the one hand there are those who appreciated the good feelings and interpreted the film as a contemporary and melancholic glimpse of a current Italian family facing separation, on the other hand, there are those who contest the commercial, pointing it out as representation of a stereotype that recalls the necessary need for a traditional, united family unit.

Family doesn’t change emotions


And perhaps this is precisely what the film manages to bring out: the Asia Mobile Number List different perceptions that each of us individually had from the commercial. Yes, because the experiences, whether positive or negative during growth, have influenced our emotions, our vision, our sensitivity, more simply our world.

A child who has passively experienced a parental separation is probably able to grasp those feelings of emptiness and that desire to reunite the two most important people in his life.

In his still immature world, that child processes a wound that also pushes him to take charge of the search for happiness: through gestures and actions he focuses on love, made of unity and complicity. In his still immature world, that child does not possess the completeness of those tools that make him aware of certain adult choices, of mature motivations.

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The other point of view, however, looks at the child as a ALB Directory victim who, faced with emotional and psychological instabilities caused by arguments and unfortunately often violence, remains imprisoned in dysfunctional and toxic family relationships. Living in a joint family does not mean embracing happiness. And this is truly unacceptable nowadays.

Society teaches us that the values belonging to temporal contexts far from today have changed; affections are no longer bound by labels; we seek those needs that can positively nourish our identity.

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