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Build strong relationships and guide subscribers towards conversion. You can achieve all of this using the MDirector tool and thus boost the acquisition and loyalty of your customers.Guide to conduct surveys by SMS and measure the satisfaction of your customers By NewsMDirector on July min No ratings SMS Marketing Surveys Sending surveys by SMS is a key strategy in todays digital marketing since they allow us to know the satisfaction of the audience and collect their evaluations about a product or service. This action is framed under an SMS Marketing strategy whose importance lies in its effectiveness and massive reach. Unlike other communication channels such as email or social networks text messages have an extremely high open rate up to according to various statistics. Hence sending surveys.

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Connect with customers. Find out how you can make SMS questionnaires and everything you need to know to create potential SMS Marketing campaigns. INDEX OF CONTENTS How to make SMS surveys to your customers with MDirector What to ask in an SMS survey to your customers NPS Net Promoter Score Productservice Medical Surgical Dental Equipments Email List evaluation Communication preferences Customer service experience Feedback on promotions or discounts Employee Questions event surveys Interests and preferences Examples of SMS surveys for your marketing campaigns Product or service assessment surveys Free response surveys Likert scale surveys Numerical evaluation surveys Benefits of sending surveys by SMS . Higher opening rate . Higher rate of messages seen.

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Shipping can be easily configured How to make SMS surveys to your customers with. MDirector Surveys by SMS to your customers Creating a survey to send by SMS is very simple. Once you have defined your target audience and choose a platform with sufficient capacity to send the questionnaires by SMS you can start the action. Through the MDirector tool you can configure SMS Marketing campaigns to send surveys in this case following these steps. To get started go to the SMS Marketing ALB directory section in your. MDirector account and from there click on Create Send and select Create SMS. First you have to fill in the Creativity section with the name of the campaign the campaign to which it belongs the senders name and labels. In the area Enter the body of the SMS you.

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