Criminal negligence of your clients

It is about tak risks and as long as you are t your clients and yourlf and aware. Of all the risks involv in undertak this or some other activity no one has the right to pontificate about “morality” of a compet market strategy. If it is not for you don’t do it but you can’t both decide that the risk is too high for you while pudo-criminaliz tho who are will to take that risk. The same goes for “blackhatters” point and laugh at “whitehatters”. Some people do not enjoy rebuild their business every 2 million comment spam links. That is OK. May they will not climb the ranks as fast as your sites do but may when they get there they will stay there longer? The are two different and completely legitimate strategies. Actually every ecosystem has reprentatives of tho two strategies.

Uless Wrong Mislead

This one has en go around for years and keeps rais its ugly head. Every once in a while particularly after Google forces another SaaS provider to give up part of its rvices cau of either check ranks themlves or buy rank data from a third party provider. Then we get all the holier-than-thou folks mount their soap boxes and preach. Fire and brimstone on Os who report ranks as the main or even only KPI. So firstly again just like with black vs. white hat hors for cours. If you think your way of Restaurant Email List report to clients is the st stick with it preach it positively as in. “this is what I do and the clients like it” but stop tell. Other people what to do! More importantly vast majority of the arguments are bas on a totally imaginary situation in which Os u ranks as their only or main KPI. In all of my.

Years in O I have never en

Job Function Email Database

any marketer worth their salt report “increa in ranks for of keywords”. As far back as 2002 I rememr people were writ reports to clients which had a parate chapter for keywords which were defin as optimization targets client’s site reach top ranks but no significant increa in traffic/conversions was achiev. Tho keywords were then dropp from the market plan altogether. It really isn’t a big leap to understand that rank isn’t important if it doesn’t result in increas ALB directory conversions in the end. I am not go to argue here why I do think report and monitor ranks is important. The point is that if you ne to make your argument against.

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