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Use synonyms of search words or phrases (a lot vs. a hot tub). It is good to remember that you cannot use the search word in the same form very many times in one post. Otherwise, the text will be really clumsy. Take a look at this example >> Professionals always say that always write the content for the reader first and only then optimize. And so do we. When you read through your post, aim to add the search word or its inflection 3 to 5 times in the post. following places: Title Permanent link (permalink) The first song Big subheading Image names Alternative and/or alt text for images Image title Last song In addition to these, you can naturally add the search word or its inflection to the text. Permalink The blog platform usually always creates a permanent link ready for the post upon the first save.

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Depending on the blog platform (Wix, Blogger, WordPress, Squarespace) the new data creation of a permalink may be slightly different. It is very important that the permalink cannot be modified after the post has been published once. If the permalink is edited after publication, the old permalink will no longer work. If you have shared a post on  post afterwards, the traffic from Facebook will not be redirected to the correct address. Subtitles Different blog platforms have different designations for subheadings. In WordPress, we talk about H1, H2 and H3 or Heading 1, Heading 2, Heading 3. In Blogger, they are “header”, “subheader” and “smaller subheader”. This is how you optimize a blog post for search engines

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 Find different headings and use them in the post. Aim to add one subheading between every 300 words. Why is this important? Google robots examine A LB Directory sites, blogs and posts in a specific order. When they find the same search term in the right places, they quickly form an idea of what the post is about. This speeds up the post’s rise to the top of the search results. Action steps: Add your search term to at least five items in the list above Edit the post again and add subheadings between every 300 words. Add search words to a maximum of 5 places, if it feels natural The “technical” part of search engine optimization As you can see, until now Search Engine Optimization has been quite simple. 

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