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Choose one search word or phrase search word or phrase. If one of your search phrases is ” how to bake a stuffed cake “, you can only use it in one post.  and phrases carefully. When you make a publication plan, think in advance about what keywords or phrases you will use in your posts. Invest in those posts that you definitely want to rank high in the search results. Write long, 1200+ word, in-depth posts about these posts.

Choose your search words

 Take the time to optimize these posts and make sure you’ve taken everything into account. 9 | Awaken your special data imagination I know this can be challenging at times. That’s why the final title should only be written after the post itself has been written.  you say in the post. However, so that you don’t reveal everything directly in the title.

The title should summarize what

 This is how you bake a delicious apple pie A LB Directory  without apple blocks ” is a good title and will set you apart from the rest. It arouses curiosity, but does not tell everything. The reader must come and read why you shouldn’t use oman blocks in apple pie and what to use instead! 10 | Practice, edit, test and improve You only become a good headline writer with practice. 

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