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When you talk about opportunities and potential what are you referring to? “ Erika : “The opportunities are undoubtedly those of the digital market we know well how a change in consumption habits is never transitory but persists even in the absence of the conditions that created it. Digitalization of products and services today represents a must for the entrepreneur more than ever whether it is an established or nascent

Business The potential

 Is what we have within us determination awareness self-efficacy and will. Luigi : “Are you telling me that a little good will is enough to start or b2b email list implement an entrepreneurial project?” Erika : “You won’t believe it Luigi but yes… even if it’s not simple or obvious. Today it is easier to give up or wait rather than act and seize the new opportunities offered by this radical change of direction. For this reason I imagined and developed an

Integrated system

That starts exactly from this: IMAGINE – DESIRE – CREATE. Luigi : “Three words… so it seems simple…” Erika : “Three words in fact which nevertheless ALB Directory contain the essence of each project. The foundations of the system are based on a strong awareness of one’s potential. Without asking questions like: What do I really want? How do I imagine my desired future? What actions will I take to achieve it? What kind of obstacles will

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