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You drive and they laugh at you, they look in your car, where you think you are alone safe. In the news of the week, privacy remains a central theme. Following the release of videos in which  some Tesla employees joked about sensitive images of customers .

Meanwhile, TikTok is also  facing investigations into the management of its users’ data ( we talked about it here ).

The excitement also continues on  Artificial Intelligences :  ChatGPT launches its Bug Bounty Program  (asks humans to solve AI bugs  ) while Google and Stanford University have built a virtual city,  an interactive society of AI robots .

In this week of April which hosted the third appointment of Ninja Wrap Up , we tried to bring individuals back to the center and emphasize their need to feel part of a group and become a community, thanks to the participation of  Bernard Cova , sociologist and marketer of great thickness.

Bernard Cova at Wrap Up

Bernard Cova, one of the fathers of Tribal Marketing , held  a free Gansu Mobile Database Masterclass exclusively for the Ninja Tribe  during the third Ninja Wrap Up ( you can read some more information in this article ).

news of the week: bernard cova at the ninja wrap up

According to Cova, thanks to Tribal Marketing we  distance ourselves from the economic vision to move closer to the anthropological one,  where individuals and the need for recognition and self-determination within the community are placed at the centre.

“ Strong brands are those that have a community ,” he said. ” The central issue is no longer creating communities, but how to monetize the communities that exist .” Listen to a short excerpt of his speech here.

News from Twitter 6500 employees fired

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Since Twitter was acquired by Musk in late ALB Directory October 2022,  approximately 6,500 employees have been laid off . Almost three-quarters of the staff. This was reported by the owner of Tesla himself,  in an interview with the BBC , in which Musk defended his choices: ” Twitter would have gone bankrupt if he hadn’t cut costs immediately. It’s not an indifferent situation: because if whole ship sinks, then no one will have a job .”

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