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google my business a business can also appear on google maps. Run branded pay-per-click ads. Your brand is your business. Always run pay-per-click (ppc) ads so anyone looking for your brand name can find you. Improves the chances of the percentage of clicks (click through rate or ctr, in english. Optimize your social media channels to appear on knowledge panels. Google knowledge panels display business information in a condensed point.

Optimize social media channels

and get verified with google. This will improve the chances of your social media channels appearing in a knowledge panel on a serp. 7. Optimize the images that appear in the serps and Partners Email Lists featured snippets google wants you to provide a great user experience to boost your content’s visibility on the serps and featured snippets. To optimize images , do the following: incorporate relevant visual content on the topic page. Whenever possible, place images near relevant text. Do not insert important text inside images. Create informative and quality content for your page.

Create mobile friendly sites

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Create a good url structure for your images. Elements that can be optimized in the serps today, the serps are more competitive than ever, and there are additional features that we can optimize beyond the traditional for organic results. 1. Video carousels google states that more than eighty percent of people surveyed jump between online searches and youtube videos during their product searches to buy. A video carousel is an interactive box with videos related to the query. For mobile search results, the video carousel takes up almost the entire screen.

Imaging results image results

on google are a line of images obtained from the top results related to the query. To appear in google search results , google recommends uploading high-quality images and incorporating description text. 3. Recipe carousels this type of carousel is like the video carousel, but all the content is related to food ALB Directory queries. In this case, for a recipe to appear on a carousel, google requires structured data such as cooking and preparation time, nutritional information, and visitor ratings. 4. Local packages highlight nearby businesses when you perform google searches for goods and services in a certain area. Information for local packages is obtained from google my business. 5. Interesting findings, the so-called interesting finds (interesting finds),

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