Offered by the Demand Side Platform

A key element of every campaign is who we want to reach, which is why it is essential to know. Which targeting options are available in each DSP.

The types of targeting available can vary from the broadest. Lifestyle/affinity-based (available, indeed, in almost all modern DSPs) to the most granular. Which focus on the life stage the user is in or their most recent purchases.

Another factor that should not be overshadowed are integrations with external DMPs or third-party data. For example, do you use Google Analytics to track data on your site?

You can certainly consider using Display & Video 360 for your programmatic campaigns, considering that it has native integration with Google Marketing Platform products and that it has access to a huge amount of data, collected via the Google network.

How to purchase

One of the advantages of programmatic is that of being able to El-Salvador Mobile Database use different purchasing methods, based on the commitment that the advertiser makes towards the publisher.

It is possible to participate in auctions crowded with thousands of advertisers, or to resort to one-to-one agreement methods with specific publishers, establishing a priori a CPM and a number of guaranteed impressions.

One to one agreements in DSP – demand side platform

When choosing the DSP to use, however, it is important to remember that not all DSPs on the market support all purchase methods (especially those that involve one-to-one agreements).

Also in this case, therefore, there is no single direction that tells us which is the right Demand Side Platform on every occasion, but it is necessary to be ready to activate one or more depending on the needs of the campaign and the supported purchase methods.

Platform Fees

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Like any service, DSPs also have costs, which can vary from a percentage of the ALB Directory invested budget to an additional CPM based on the impressions delivered.

In this case, clearly, the tendency is to focus on the cheapest DSP.

It should not be forgotten, however, that each DSP has its own fundamental characteristics: some DSPs allow you to target certain audience segments only upon payment of an additional CPM, but how important is it for you to reach that segment?

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