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Attract new visitors The first step in Denmark Email List this conversion process is to attract qualified traffic to your website. This involves anticipating the needs of your future customers. With this in mind, you can use tools that will help you fictitiously represent the ideal client. Then, optimize your pages in line with the identified issues. Writing quality content, paid referencing, netlinking… are some ways to improve your visibility and generate the desired traffic. Discover how to combine all these techniques,


by choosing to Learn more about inbound marketing


Once the attraction phase is over, you will need Portugal Phone Number List to convert your visitors into prospects (leads). Convert visitors into leads This is about capturing the attention of your visitors in order to convert them into prospects or leads. In other words, you must succeed in taking their contact details when they visit your site. In reality, if your visitors were content to read your texts and leave as they came; you would have generated all that traffic unnecessarily. It is therefore important to obtain useful information to maintain contact. You have several tools to find the information you want. For example, you can create premium content, insert CTAs (call to action) in your texts, provide contact forms, landing pages, etc.


All this must be done with a good structuring so as not to repel the reader. Do not hesitate to use a digital agency for a better rendering. Convert prospects to customers At this point, you have some great insights about your leads, but there’s still room to sell your products or services.


You must patiently remove the barriers to purchase through personalized


content conveyed each time to this contact database. In technical language, we talk about lead nurturing which can be done using marketing automation software. Then detect prospects ready to be canvassed by your salespeople by setting up a lead scoring system.

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This is a monitoring that assigns points to prospects in order to know the right time to make a sale. Customer loyalty The last step in this process, it is  ALB Directory nevertheless the most important of all. Precisely, keeping a satisfied customer will cost you less than acquiring a new one. Then, satisfied Hit Post customers appear as the best ambassadors to attract new visitors. Make sure you get good recommendations from your customers by surveying their after-sales impressions. You have as tools in this sense, satisfaction questionnaires, personalized emails, monitoring of your e-reputation, etc.


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