What are the mistakes to avoid when using URL shorteners in SMS messages

Sure, here are the mistakes to avoid when using URL shorteners in SMS messages. Using a random URL slug. The URL slug is the part of the shortened URL that appears after the domain name. It’s important to choose a URL slug that is descriptive and easy to understand. This will help recipients know what the link is about before they click on it. For example, instead of using a random slug like “1234567890,” you could use “my-company-website” or “free-ebook-download.” Using a generic domain name. The domain name is the part of the shortened URL that appears before the URL slug. It’s important to use a domain name that is familiar to your recipients. This will help them trust that the link is legitimate.

Instead Of Using A Generic Domain Name

Like you could use your own company’s domain name. Avoiding UTM parameters. UTM parameters are a way to track the performance of your shortened URLs. By adding UTM parameters to your links, you can Bhutan Business Email List see how many people clicked on the link, where they came from, and what actions they took after clicking on the link. This information can help you improve your SMS marketing campaigns. Reporting on metrics that include bot traffic. Some URL shorteners track bot traffic, which is traffic from automated programs. This traffic can inflate your metrics and make it difficult to track the real performance of your SMS marketing campaigns. To avoid this, make sure to only report on metrics that exclude bot traffic.

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Making URLs Too Short

Some URL shorteners allow you to make your URLs very short. However, if your URL is too short, it can be difficult to remember or type. This can lead to people not clicking on your link. A good rule of thumb is to keep ALB Directory your URLs to 10 characters or less. 6. Not using a secure URL shortener. Some URL shorteners are not secure. This means that your recipients’ data could be at risk if they click on a link from a non-secure URL shortener. To avoid this, make sure to use a secure URL shortener that encrypts your data. Not testing your shortened URLs. Before you send out your SMS marketing campaign, make sure to test your shortened URLs to make sure they work properly.

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