Ministry of Education 2023

This year there has been a lot of discussion on the topic of image and institutional. Communication in Italy. especially after the Ministry of Tourism’s “Open To Ministry of Education 2023 Meraviglia”. Campaign which aroused decidedly negative sentiment online and offline.

In the meantime, the MIUR has become MIM: the Ministry of Education. University and Research has been renewed as the Ministry of Education and Merit. Following the name change, a change was also made to the logo. The subject of criticism for its creation and execution, the rebranding project has sparked a lively discussion on the web.

Twitter 2023 bonus track

What about the latest rebranding that is happening right Iran Mobile Database now at Twitter ? Elon Musk has decided to completely turn the tables, surprising everyone.
Musk announced the transformation of Twitter – his $44 billion toy – into X, replacing the familiar blue bird logo with an “art-deco” X.
The X is a familiar and common symbol among Musk’s brands, just think of SpaceX and Tesla but also of, the precursor of PayPal.

Pizza Hut 1999

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In the 80s and 90s, Pizza Hut was an extremely cool brand. From personalized ALB Directory pan pizzas to the famous Book-It (the program that rewarded children who read a certain number of books with pizza), he didn’t miss a beat.
It was a stellar, internationally renowned brand whose original logo was designed in the 1960s.The emblem then fell into oblivion due to an “unfortunate” rebranding in 1999.

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