Melissa Melissa is a fourth generation New Yorker

Melissa Melissa is a fourth generation New Yorker who has been fortunate to live in New York for over 35 years. The idea for the NYC Guide came to her when she was trying to help an international friend organize her vacation to New York. With all the information online about New York, little was aimed at visitors who wanted to live like a “real New Yorker,” a more sophisticated traveler, or someone who had been here before and seen most of the typical tourist attractions.

Simple changes like changing your page title

 “ My number one tip for growing a travel blog is to keep it fresh and updated. Simple changes Africa Email List like changing your page title can increase your traffic and CTR by 20% overnight. The last one One week I edited a one-word page and the CTR, as well as rankings, impressions, and page views, went from 3.5% to 13.4% overnight. The more fresh content you have, the more images you add, the more things to do or events, the more the SERPs will crawl your entire travel blog, and you never know what term people might search for that week.” Matteo Meier Matthew Meier is the founder and director of MaxTour .

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Research non-competitive keywords

“I’ve been working on our travel blog for over 6 years and there’s one simple tip we’ve used to grow the blog: Research non-competitive keywords. ALB Directory We try to find relevant keywords that have no posts that currently answer the question or problem posed with that keyword. This makes it easy for our optimized post to jump to the top of the rankings. For example, our post titled ‘Why is circus so cheap?’ It’s ranked #1 and receives hundreds of visitors every month.” Jon Morgan is CEO and Editor- in-Chief of Venturing Smarter , a leading consultancy specializing in helping startups and small businesses scale and grow.

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