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Put yourself in your customer’s shoes and think about what your customers value most. If thinking seems difficult, you can call a couple of your customers and ask them why they chose you. Concretely list on paper or in a word processing program five things in which you are better than your competitors. You will use these in the next exercises, so keep them on display! Exercise 2: Create a social media or search engine ad In the second exercise, we get to try advertising.

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Advertising is expensive and that only big companies can do it. only happened in newspapers, on TV and in the form email list   of large outdoor advertisements. However, the situation is different now, and even small entrepreneurs should be advertised! Social media and search engines offer affordable advertising space for small entrepreneurs as well. The idea in social media and search engine advertising is that it reaches exactly those people who are interested in the products or services you offer.

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 The necessary investments in these channels do not end up skyrocketing, and by investing, for example, five euros a day, you can already get many ALbdirectory  new visitors to your website or social media profile. Visitors are always potential new customers. Start this exercise by considering whether you want to advertise on social media or on a search engine.kind of online presence your company has now. Some of the small entrepreneurs have websites, while some have their online presence built on one or more social media channels. Both solutions are equally good, but they affect what kind of advertising you should practice in this exercise: if you have a website but no social media, choose search engine advertising, if you have invested in social media, choose social media advertising in the channel where you are most active.

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