Instagram stories: Everything you need to know

On the occasion of the 11 years of creation of one of the social networks with the largest number of active accounts in the world, instagram ; in this article we are going to explain some of the most relevant aspects of one of its most popular tools, stories . Knowing them will be very useful to improve your marketing and communication strategy on this social network. First of all, I want to take a look back at these 10 years, and see how it has evolved. Yes, 10 years, and it seems like yesterday. Time passes very quickly, and even more so in the world of social media. 2010. On july 16, instagram was created. It was kevin systrom, co-founder of instagram with mike krieger, who published the first person to upload a photograph . But it was not until october 6 , 2010 of that same year when it was available for android and windows. 2011.

The most relevant milestones in Instagram history.

It already has one million accounts. 2012. Facebook executive email list decides to buy it for $1 billion. 2013. Until july of this year, it was only possible to publish images. It is from this date that it is now possible to publish videos. Of course, no more than 59 seconds. And at the end of this year, direct messages between users appear. 2014. It is already beginning to be one of the fastest growing social networks. Ends the year with 300 million active users. 2015. Boomerangs appear . A functionality that at first could have been funny, but now it is little used. It was the novelty. 2016. A year of many changes. Changes in the order of viewing publications, change in logo design, stories appear and the possibility of live broadcasts. 2017 .

What are Instagram stories?

In march, stories go one step further and it ALB Directory is possible to locate them,  add hashtags and create augmented reality effects through filters 2018. Intagram offers the possibility of uploading longer videos with igtv and including music in stories. It was even said that with this new functionality it intended to compete with youtube. 2019. Instagram shopping arrived . Tool that I already explained in this blog. 2020. And this year the most important novelty has been the reels . A format that offers users the ability to create and discover short videos of up to 15 seconds. Something very similar to tik tok. It has also removed the ability to see the number of interactions on third-party posts. 2021. Up swipe up disappears and the link sticker arrives in stories

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