I like to use the analogy of the

  spider’s web: the more links “woven”. the stronger and more resistant the web will be. From a more practical point of view. this will allow your readers to learn more but also to stay longer on your site (called “Time On Site”. one of the criteria used by Google). thus improving your relevance in the eyes of from Google. 4. Use permalinks that include your keywords From a pragmatic point of view. a “clean” and neat permalink like this: https://example.com/11-SEO-advice is much more attractive than a permalink like this: https://example .com/s5ytaPp. right? The aesthetic aspect is not the only reason to take care of your permalinks.


 A permalink summarizing in 2/3

words the theme of your page will greatly help Google to find it and if indeed the keywords of both the page and the permalink are in adequacy. Google will Brazil Phone Number List understand that you are a trusted site and at the same time. as you go. it will allow you to climb the long climb to the coveted #1 page of Google results. 5. Delete/compress any file slowing down your site It is no longer a secret. the display time of a site is a criterion dear to Google. The faster your site renders its pages. the happier Google will be. This Google tool will allow you to evaluate the loading speed of your page and will give you an overall score out of 100. So avoid adding


 photos of 10 MB each and remember to compress them to avoid any slowdown. Of course. the same goes for GIFS. unnecessary plugins etc. 6. Use keywords in your images Include words that reflect your site’s theme in the image title. description. and alt attributes. A relatively simple thing to do is to rename the name of your images and add keywords to them. For example “tips-SEO.jpg” instead of “IMG_2102.jpg”. 7. Add links to sites with relevant content


 Adding links to external pages will allow you to

consolidate your “web” again. It is best to link to sites with a certain reputation and proven track record. Indeed. these sites are already trusted sites for Google. generally found on the 1st page of results. 8. And links from external sites to your site! Of all these tips. this one is #1 in terms of importance. In my opinion. and many share the same opinion. getting links from external sites pointing to your site is vital. Ahrefs is an

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 extremely useful (but paid) tool that will allow you to know the value of a website calculated by the “Domain Rating” or “DR”. The higher it is. the more   ALB Directory  the site is valued and referenced on Google. The challenge will be to obtain from these external sites links to your site. It can be impossible. but sometimes it just takes asking. being patient and proving how your site is relevant. 


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