I bought a really high quality standup

Desk with an electrical motor so I can periodically sit down for a few minutes. in between longer periods of standing. It has a nice, wide table component and is quite sturdy. It also allows for different height adjustments via a simple up and down control.  A couple of tips here: Wear comfy shoes Take periodic breaks (I do so hourly) to go walk around the house or office or yard I also like to look away from the CPU every 20-30 minutes or so, sometimes I get eyestrain but I bought these glasses from Gunnar and it’s relieved those symptoms Investment #2 – Treaddesk The reason I didn’t buy the full-on treadmill desk is because I wanted a bigger desk with.

More options I bought the

Treaddesk, which is essentially the bottom part of the treadmill, and I move it around during.  The week based on my workflow needs: They have packages available. As well (see the above referenced link). I have a second, much cheaper standup desk that I hacked together from IKEA: This desk acts as a holder for my coffee stuff but also allows me to put my laptop on it (which is paired with an external keyboard and trackpad) in case I want to do some lighter work (I have a doing deeper Petroleum Manufacturers Email List work when doing the treadmill part while working). I move the Treaddesk back and forth sometimes, but mostly it stays with this IKEA desk.

Tend to walk about miles a day on this

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Thing,usually in a block of time where I do that lighter-type. Work (Quickbooks, cobbling reports together, email triage, very light research/writing, reading, and so on). Investment #3 – Bulletproof Coffee and the Bulletproof Diet I’m a big fan of Joe. Rogan in general, and I enjoy his podcast. I heard about Dave Asprey on the JRE podcast so. I eventually ended up on his site, bulletproofexec.com. I purchased some private coaching with the relevant products and I was off to the races. I did my ALB directory Own research on some of the stuff and came away confident that. Good  fat had been erroneously. Hated on for years. I highly encourage you to conduct your own research based.

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